Lizzy Ashley, BS, DVM/PhDc

Lizzy Ashley portrait

Position Title
Graduate Student Researcher


Elizabeth Ashely, BS, is a DVM/Ph.D. student in the Graduate Group in Epidemiology and a Sustainable Oceans NSF Research Trainee. She is interested in using spatial modeling approaches to study the ecology of infectious diseases in aquatic birds and mammals. Lizzy graduated from the University of Georgia in 2019 with BS degrees in Ecology and Marine Biology. After college, she worked on a range of projects, from killer whale social network analysis to disease surveillance in sea stars, as a Research Assistant for SeaDoc Society.

Publications  ResearchGate

Education and Degree(s)

  • BS

Research Interests & Expertise

  • Wildlife Health, Quantitative Disease Ecology, Spatial Epidemiology, Population Biology, Marine Ecology